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What's the best way to get fast?  To go as fast as you can - to sprint.  The problem I often see is that athletes train at just below 100 percent in their sprint training.  When sprint training for speed, make sure that you are doing distances where you train the fast twitch muscles.  If you are training for endurance, long sprints are great.  They help to increase aerobic and anaerobic capacity. 

Create your own rest intervals for training.  How do you know how long you should rest?  Let's suppose that you want to do six 80 yard sprints.  Do one 80 yard sprint and time how long it takes you after you finish the sprint to recover.  If you want to work on speed, use that recovery time (add more recover time after each sprint).  If you want to increase your endurance, you can either keep that recovery time throughout the workout, or lower it a bit throughout the workout. 

In weight lifting as the amount of repetitions decrease, generally the amount of weight increases.  When doing a sprint workout, as the distance decreases, generally the amount of rest should decrease.  When the distance increases, generally the amount of rest should increase. 

The sprint workouts in this section are designed to make you faster and faster for a longer period of time.  Remember, the more rest you take the more you are working the fast twitch muscles.  The less rest you take the more you are working your endurance muscles.

To benefit from these and other workouts or programs you must eat right and drink plenty of water.  That means that you need to be eating lots of protein and drinking 6-8 glasses of water each day.

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