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The OX Challenge

Cleans (1 min)
Rest (1 min)
Press (1 min)
Rest (1 min)
Front Squat (etc)
Bent Over Row
Back Squat


-Cleans can be done from hang or ground
-Front squats and back squats must be FULL squats
-No reps may be done during minute rest
-All entries must be taped in full, both exercise and rest must be taped continuously
-Legs may be used on both bent over rows and presses (i.e. "push pressing")

email fortis@fortismag.com with any more questions you have about The OX Challenge

Current Records:
95lbs Club: 200 by Russell Gotteman
135lbs Club: 140 by Jerri Hernandez (19yr old)

Which weight club should you be in?
If you are 16 and under you can use 95lb or 135lbs. Everyone over 16 must use 135lbs. Women are allowed to use 95lbs regardless of age.

Instructions for submitting your video:
1) Upload video onto youtube and then send us the link. We will embed the video on our webpage.
2) Send the video in a windows media or common video format to fortis@fortismag.com.
3) If you are unable to video tape your workout please contact us. We will come up with a way to verify your results.

Train Hard. Eat Well. Live.

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