Grocery Template*

*This is just a general guideline; you may have different needs and should follow a different plan.  This template is designed to help you make gradual changes toward a healthier diet.


Key Rules

-Avoid anything processed or not as found naturally

-Avoid anything with ADDED sugar

-Avoid ‘convenience food’



Fruits and Vegetables

-Buy fresh; go with what is seasonal/on sale à variety

-Buy organic if possible (if available, if in you budget, etc.)                 

-Avoid canned (processing lowers potassium and increases sodium content)

-Avoid French fries (remember much of potatoes nutrition is in skin)

-Avoid/limit fruit juices; replace juice in diet w/ extra fruit

-Ingredients for liquid salad



-Buy what’s on sale à variety

-Avoid processed meats (hot dogs, bologna, chicken nuggets, etc.)

-Avoid breaded and fried meats

-Buy lean ground beef


Cereal, Breads, Grains

-Avoid processed cereals (capt crunch, reese’s, lucky charms, etc.)

-Buy ‘real grain’ cereal (kasha, shredded wheat, etc.)

-Be weary of claims on label; don’t confuse “whole grain”, “low fat”, etc with good for you

-Buy oatmeal; get cinnamon and/or raisins to go with it

-Avoid anything white (wonder bread, hamburger buns, etc.)

-Avoid sweets/treats (cookies, donuts, etc.) à ok to have on special occasion (b-day, etc)


Nut and Seeds

-Buy what’s sale àvariety

-Avoid anything processed/candy coated

-Can buy prepackage or from bin w/ scoop; check both compare prices

-Don’t worry that they or high in fat; they are real food (healthy fat, essential fatty acids, nutrient dense in minerals)

-Almonds are great but expensive; buy when you can there are plenty of other nuts


Eggs and Dairy

-Eggs or lower cholesterol egg product if necessary



-Cheese, not cheese whiz

-Ice cream à save for special occasions