Gladiator Upper Body Program Day 6

**So far you have been doing very traditional lifts in a very traditional way with a certain amount of sets and reps.  For the next several upper body workouts we will change it up to confuse your muscles so that you will have a more productive workout.

Chest 3x  (Go through the following rotation three times -- no rest!)
              Bench Press on Smith Machine 5reps (heavy weight!)
              Push-ups 10reps
              Bench Press on Smith Machine 40reps (just use the bar)

Shoulders 3x
              Military Press 5reps
              Butterflies 10reps
              Arm circles 40reps

Biceps/forearms 3x
              Bicep Curls with dumbbell 5reps each arm
              Two Arm Bicep Curl with dumbbells 10reps each arm
              Wrist Curls with bar 40reps

Triceps 3x
             Dips (not on bench!) 5reps
             Tricep Push Downs 10reps
             Tricep Push down at 45degree angle 40reps (low weight)

Back 3x
            Bent Over Row 5reps
            Seated Row 10reps
            Back Extensions (no weight) 40reps