Gladiator Leg Program Day 6

Gladiator Leg Strength Program
 Run a quarter mile
 High Knees 20 yards
 Butt Kicks 20 yards
 Ten Jumps
 Workout:  **The program has been fairly standard to this point, your muscles are probably not getting as sore anymore.  In order to continue to progress at a fast rate we are going to change the program up for the next couple times.  
 Run 1 mile
 Power skips (jump for height) ---------------------------------- 3x 20yrds
 Power skips (jump for length) ---------------------------------- 3x 20yrds
 High Knees (get feet off ground ASAP) ---------------------------------- 3x 20yrds
 Walking Lunges ---------------------------------- 5x 20yrds (2 jumps after each set)
 Side-to-side jumps over line (as quick as possible) ---------------------------------- 3x 30reps
 Squat Walks ---------------------------------- 3x 20yrds
 Frog Jumps ---------------------------------- 3x 20 yrds
 Lunge + jump (jump off front leg that you lunged with, land back on two legs)  --------- 3x 20yrds