Gladiator Leg Program Day 5

Gladiator Leg Strength Program
 Run a quarter mile
 High Knees 20 yards
 Butt Kicks 20 yards
 Ten Jumps
 Workout:  **You will be maxing on squats and leg-press, write down your weights, you will max at the end of program.
 Walking Lunges ---------------------------------- 4x, length of gym
 Squat walks ---------------------------------- 2x the length of gym
 Squats ---------------------------------- warm-up and max
 One-legged leg press ---------------------------------- max out, write down your weight
 Calf-raises ---------------------------------- 3x 50reps
 Leg Curls for Hamstring ---------------------------------- 3x 8reps
 Back Extensions ---------------------------------- 3x 15reps, come all the way back up to work hamstring