Gladiator Leg Program Day 3

Gladiator Leg Strength Program
 Run a quarter mile
 High Knees 20 yards
 Butt Kicks 20 yards
 Ten Jumps
 Walking Lunges ---------------------------------- 3x the length of gym
 Squat Hold + 3 jumps ---------------------------------- hold Squat for 30sec, 3x
 Squats ---------------------------------- 4x of 10, 8, 6, 4, (high weights)
 One-legged leg Press ---------------------------------- 4x 8reps, 3 jumps after each set
 Calf-raises without weight ---------------------------------- 4x 45reps
 Straight-legged deadlift ---------------------------------- 3x 10reps (light weight, go slow for stretch)
 Back Extensions ---------------------------------- swing all the way up, as far as possible, 3x 15reps
 Sprints ---------------------------------- 60yrds 5x