Gladiator Leg Program Day 1

Gladiator Leg Strength Program


**Max out on squats and one-legged leg press or any other leg lift before you start this program.  You will max on day 5 and at the end of the program.  We also suggest that you do the Gladiator Program for Upper Body and Core while doing this program.  

Run a quarter mile
High Knees 20 yards
Butt Kicks 20 yards
Ten Jumps


Walking Lunges ---------------------------------- 3x the length of Gym
Frog Jumps ---------------------------------- 3 sets of 10reps

Squats ---------------------------------- 5 sets of 8reps, 3 jumps after each set
One-legged leg press ---------------------------------- 4 sets of 10reps

Calf-raises ---------------------------------- 4sets of 40, no weight
Deadlift ---------------------------------- 3 sets of 10reps

Sprints ---------------------------------- 40yrds, 5x