General Principles

General Principles
  EAT FREQUENTLY every 2-3 hours which helps keep our bodies in balance
  DRINK WATER 70% of our body weight is water
  WHITE SUGAR - during the week no white sugar, sugar raises your blood sugar which has a lot to do with our moods
  CARBOHYDRATES for right now try to eat about 1/3 of our meal made up of carbohydrates (vegetables, fruits, wheat bread, yogurt, grains) but watch the amounts
  PROTEINS try to have some protein in each meal, serving size about the size of your palm
  FATS big rule no fats with sugar or minimal sugar! Oils should consist of olive oil, canola, etc., limit to 1 tablespoon per meal. Note that there are a lot of hidden fats in our foods.
  SUPPLEMENTATION the starter kit consists of a multi-vitamin, B-complex, chromium, niacin. As the program progresses, others will be added.
  CAFFEINE is a drug that causes adrenal weakness, insomnia in some cases, depletion of vitamins and minerals, and should be minimized or stopped.
  NICOTINE the number one death causing drug in the U.S.