The Fortis Diet
Eating guidelines for getting the most out of your training

The Fortis Diet: The What?


The Fortis Diet is all about eating clean, meaning limiting or excluding anything processed.  The obvious things to exclude are sweets and desserts like: cookies, cake, candy bars, ice cream, etc.  Another big item to start eliminating from your diet is ultra-refined (white) flour.  This means no: white bread, hamburger/hotdog buns, many cereals, etc.  One item not so obvious to exclude is fruit juice.  In the Fortis Diet fruit juice is not completely excluded, but it is regulated (from when fruit juice is ok see: The Fortis Diet: The When?).  The reason fruit juice is limited is because it is processed; man has altered fruit to make juice.  Through the processing the fiber is eliminated making juice appear higher on the Glycemic Index than the original fruit.


The Fortis Diet: The When?


Most people consider only what they eat as their diet, but in order to get the most out of your foods when you eat is also important.  With the Fortis Diet there are certain foods that can only be eaten at certain times.  High Glycemic Carbohydrates should only be consumed at certain times: either breakfast or directly (within 30 minutes) before or after a workout.

Meals not near training should consist mostly of lean protein, healthy fats, and vegetables. 

The Fortis Diet: The Why?


The highest carbohydrates on the Glycemic Index are monosaccharides (sugars).  These high glycemic Carbohydrates can be used for energy readily; unlike low glycemic polysaccharides that must be first broken down to monosaccharides before entering the TCA (Kerbs) Cycle.  Monosaccharides can either be used for energy (Kerbs Cycle) or stored (As glycogen or fat).  Your body looks first if it needs energy, then if its glycogen stores are full, lastly if neither of the first two options are needed stores the sugars as fat.


First the body looks to use carbohydrates as energy.  This is why high glycemic carbohydrates are ok pre workout


Secondly your body looks to restore glycogen.  This is why high glycemic carbohydrates are ok post workout and at breakfast.

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