Food Review
 Note: Even though the complexity of these foods outreach what we will cover, we will always keep in mind that the primary purpose of the NFRA Program is to be able to apply it to a simple, daily regiment.
 • Carbohydrates are not an integral part of our body composition • Carbohydrates are necessary to provide energy to muscles and brain, and are essential to their proper function also can be stored as fat • Carbohydrates break down into sugar (Glucose) • Glucose is used to provide energy • One of our main interests is to keep the sugar in the blood stable • For our purposes remember that carbohydrates are food sources that are grown from the ground (there are some exceptions like nuts, etc.)
 • Proteins are essential to life and a properly functioning body • Proteins are critical to any successful nutrition program • Proteins are needed for tissue replacement, emzymes, and neurotransmitter which in our case is very important to how we feel on a chemical level • Protein is very important when losing weight, it maintains and build lean body weight (muscle) • It is estimated that 90% of our calories are burned by muscle which protein builds • Protein is important in maintaining a healthy metabolism • Proteins are the building blocks for us to help fight stress • Basically proteins have 4 legs, 2 wings or fins they also might be just a bean
 • 60% of our brain is made up of fats, so if someone calls you a “fat head”, take it as a complement • Fats provide fuel, insulin, aid in the absorption of fat-soluable vitamins, protective padding for body organs and structures • Fats are components for cell membranes and other cellular structures • Fats supply building blocks for other molecules • Fats are needed, the “good fats” are called esstential fatty acids or EFAs