Chuck Liddellís Workout

NOTE: These are only four of the exercises that are in Liddellís workout.  This is not his full workout.

Rowin' and Rasslin'

In a standard rowing machine, start with knees bent and bare feet strapped into footrests. Row 800 meters in less than 2 1/2 minutes. Roll off machine and onto adjacent mat. Wrestle opponent for 2 1/2 minutes. Rest one minute. Five sets.

Hammer Time

Grip a 16-pound sledgehammer with left hand by base of handle and right hand halfway up. With knees bent, swing hammer above right shoulder and down onto a 300-pound tire with a steady rhythm. 100 reps.


Place 275 pounds of free weights in a standard wheelbarrow. Grip wheelbarrow handles and sprint 100 yards up a 10-degree incline. Turn and run down, still holding wheelbarrow in front of you. One-minute rest. Three round trips.

Pit Wall Ball

Stand six feet away from wooden beam. Bend down, pick up a 125-pound medicine ball and raise it to chest height. Throw ball at beam by pushing arms straight out in front of you. Must bounce back at least three feet, or else repeat rep. Five reps is one set. One-minute rest. Five sets.


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