Body Shaping Program Overview


The main focus of this workout program is to create muscular toning and definition while adding strength.  In order to accomplish that goal the workouts will vary with low repetitions and high weights or with high repetitions and low weights.  More of the workouts will focus on high repetitions in order to achieve the definition and muscular toning aspect of the program.


How to get the most out of the program?


         Do 2-3 workouts a week from this program.  On the other days you should do recovery days.  I have put in a sheet that has a bunch of recover days that you can do.  They are basically days where you just run or bike and then do lots of stretching to heal your muscles.

         Eat right.  Stay away from sugar.  Eat three good meals a day.  (Good snacks include balance bars, fruits, etc.)

         Drink lots of water.